Monday, September 18, 2006


First post

Ok, here's the first post. Don't expect a whole lot here. Everybody else has a blog; I'm just surrendering to the intense peer pressure.

Why the name "Quarkhenge"? Two reasons: it's very silly, and nobody else was using it.

(I wanted to use "Occam's Chainsaw", but somebody else already had it.)

And no, it's not a reference to Armin Shimerman's character in Deep Space Nine.

And here's a comment.
I have one around here somewhere. They make you join in order to post. It's kind of sinister. Not you, Blogspot.

Should it have a purpose?

I do like Quarkhenge, though. First, because the first four letters are Quar and I'm attached to them, and because quarks have charm (really, they always make me blush), and because there are woodhenges and Stonehenge and the world has been needing a good quarkhenge. (Also, you don't have to drag quarks for hundreds of miles and if you did, you could, at least, lift them. Lift all of them at once. All henges should have been made of quarks but nobody thought of it.
Actually, all henges are made of quarks (and leptons and gluons, oh my!).

I had thought of using "Vacuumhenge", but it turns out there may actually be such a thing. Presumably it has something to do with vacuum cleaners, not with the lack of air that I had in mind.
Several times a week, I get an e-mail notification: "[Quarkhenge] New comment on First post."

These comments are invariably spam, and are invariably automatically deleted before I see them here.

The spammers almost certainly won't see this, but just in case they do: you're wasting your time.
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