Tuesday, November 14, 2006


CA-50: Votes not yet counted: Update

(Blogger isn't letting me edit the previous post, so I'll start a new one.)

The number of uncounted votes county-wide is down to 60,000, and Bilbray now leads Busby by 20,913 votes. It ain't over until the votes are actually counted (or at least until the margin exceeds the number of uncounted votes in the district), but it's not looking good.

By the way, back when all ballots were on paper, it didn't take this long to count the votes. Have they forgotten how to count votes? Accuracy is much more important than speed, but what's taking them so long?

UPDATE: According to the official site, the number of uncounted votes county-wide is down to 18,000, and Bilbray's lead over Busby is 20,792. If those figures are correct, and the votes counted so far have been counted correctly, then that's it.

Busby's web page still says:
As I promised my supporters, I will respect every voter’s right to have their vote counted before making any final statements about the election.
but it hasn't been updated in a while; don't know whether she's made any official statement.

Still Francine Busby deserves congratulations for getting as much as 43.54% of the vote in such a heavily Republican district, and for being part of the battle that's finally ending one-party government. If nothing else, the Republicans had to spend money in this race that they would have liked to be able to spend elsewhere. See you in two years (if not sooner).

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