Thursday, October 25, 2007


There's no place like

We're back home. We came home Wednesday night; it took three trips to ferry the cats and most of our stuff. Everything looks ok. The fire didn't come very close to us (looks like about 6 miles to the northwest and northeast), but with the randomly shifting winds, it easily could have.

When we got back last night, my access to the InterTubes was down (but phone and TV, which come in on the same Tubes, were ok). I called Time Warner Cable and got a recording saying that their support personnel had been evacuated, calls were being diverted elsewhere, and please consider delaying any non-emergency support calls. This morning, everything is back up.

The Spousal Unit is on serious antibiotics for the cat bite, but she's doing ok.

Meanwhile, GWB is in town.

<SARCASM>That should help</SARCASM>.

hi bro.
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